Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Workin' Wednesday

Easy Street lost it's #1 position this week. I got this far and cannot stitch on it until Saturday. My DH always says nice and kind things about what I make but when he saw this he asked if this one was going to live here. That is high praise for the man of few words. So maybe it will, it certainly will be big enough for our bed.

Just too much going on. 2 swaps (one completed and ready to mail), Guild meeting where we are starting a 4 month Round Robin and starting to get the business taxes ready to go.

Here is the block to start my Round Robin, I think. I have already made 3 blocks but these are colors I never use and submitting this one would take me "outside the box".

My other swap has eluded me since I first joined. It is a pillow cover swap and my swapee likes greens and browns. I have been debating whether to go modern or keep it traditional. I think what I have come up with will be the best of both worlds. My inspiration fabrics......

but making yo-yos from them and using ribbons and adding embroidery, should be fun.

My potholder swap contents are:

I have been hoarding this chicken/sunflower fabric for a long time. I love it and then I read my swapees bio and I knew where it was meant to be. I am also sending her the extra fabric so she can coordinate another item if she would like.  The bonus is that it is out of my stash!

And finally this came off the design wall so Easy Street could go up.

I held my own mini retreat last Saturday. The last three rows are complete so they just have to sewn together. I had a jelly roll that I had bought in Boston last year and some black I picked up several months ago. I do not remember where I saw the inspiration for this but thought it could not be that difficult and just started cutting. Everything is cut 2 1/2" and I kept laying it out until it worked. I used every single bit of batik in the place and maybe a piece or two that looked batik. A girl has to do what she can to "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say.

Now I have amazed my self by blogging twice this week. I need to go recover.

As Always,



  1. I love your version of Easy Street. Though I love purple, replacing it with red really makes the design pop. And I like the tan in place of the gray. Still very subtle, but a little warmer. Just beautiful. I can see why the man of few words is impressed.
    You are one busy gal.
    I also love batiks, so that last photo intrigued me. Fun use of every bit of batik in the place. But then I would have to go buy a bunch more. : )

  2. What great colors! I hope you get to sew on Saturday so you can finish this beauty!