Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Mystery Link-Up #4

Good Morning,

Did not make stash report yesterday, the last one will be next week. Gotta get those numbers on there as they are quite large.

But for now.....

Part 4 complete. On Friday morning I ran errands including grocery shopping to hunker down for the big storm. It was a flop as far as snow totals but the wind and the cold were right on. Saturday saw the winds pick up and the temps drop rapidly cancelling our plans for the day. Sunday morning brought the temperature way below zero with wind chills of 40 below. 

Good time to sew. These and several other projects completed as well as more renovation work on the kitchen/dining area. DH and I were both busy Saturday and Sunday. 

I am disappointed that I can't get the colors to come out better in the photos. There really is more contrast.

Talked to DD #1 in Boston Sunday evening and she asked if I was taking pics of the reno. I totally forgot to get before photos but will take some today. It will be fun to see the transformation.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Mystery Link-Up #3

These make me nervous. When doing Easy Street, the blocks were simple, easy to accomplish and then BAM.........when the block assembly was announced, the twisting and turning of the 4 patches almost did me in. I had to check it, rip, check it, rip, take a pic, rip, have hubby check, rip and finally got it assembled, correctly. With 389 of them, it may be a long road!

To make this clear, it is not Bonnie's fault or the pattern, IT IS ME. I have a hard time refolding a map also. I buy the laminated, self-folding ones. Yes, I still like maps even though I use my phone for driving directions. I have many things I do well but the orientation of things is sometimes more than I can handle, lol.

All three parts complete, 

I am still loving my colors although never in my life would I have put red and orange together on purpose. Here is my choices again to reassure myself. 

In other news, the kitchen remodel is on track. Dining area is going according to plan with only one bump. The doors to the outside will not be installed until spring. The wall is off from top to bottom by 3/8 inch and will take more framing than we are will to do being exposed to the weather. It happens to be 0 degrees right now. Polar Vortex, go away! Not a big deal as everything else can be done.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Design Wall Momday

I'll have to catch up on the Stash Report next week.

But for now, I am all caught up!
With what you say............En Provence, Bonnie Hunter's 2016 Mystery.

Changing the colors as I only use from stash and I wanted to try this one with limited neutrals.

The neutrals are subtle and the black has a small gray print in it.
Here are my other colors, it will be fun to work with them as it is kinda blah right now!
Is it Friday yet?

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