Monday, July 9, 2012

The Layout

This is what I have settled one after much angst.  Now to the sashing. I did mark each one so I would not "forget"! I loved this pattern by Camille Rosekelley and will use it again but be warned if you use directional fabrics you will have to make some adjustments. Each color is cut from one fat quarter and it is efficient, no leftovers. I was fortunate I had some extra of the directionals.

As Always,


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Minnesota Quilt Show

I must think differently than most quilt judges.  The quilts I loved and admired were not the winners. I realize that my taste runs pretty much traditional and those were the quilts I loved. I can also step outside the box. There are quilts that I admire and although they will never be on my "bucket" list, I still very much appreciate them and their makers.

There were 30 Sylvia's Bridal Samplers, these are 2 of my favorites! I'm sorry I forgot to get the names of these talented people....I get better as I go along.

I only went one day this year. I did not feel the need to go again....I had not signed up for any classes and the only one I was interested in was Darlene Zimmerman's and I just did not want to spend another whole day for just one session.

There was a Minnesota Challenge......

Awesomely beautiful!

....and the hand quilting just took my breath away!

and last but not least, my purchases
Some simple quilts by Thimbleberries, Graphic Mixx by  Terry Atkinson (one of my favorite designers) and her Hot Stuff pattern, 30's fabric by Darlene Zimmerman, Country Crossing by Michele Crawford, Caddy Pad by Sisters' Common Thread, Favorite Things skirt and some wonderful variegated neutral quilting thread!

So I guess I better get to work!

As Always,