Monday, May 11, 2015

Design Wall Monday & Giveaway!

I live in Minnesota and my first-born lives in Boston. she loves it there and has been there for quite a few years now and I have resigned myself that she will not move back. This weekend has also helped me remember that as a Mom, your children are always your "children" no matter their age, how independent, capable and brave they are. My daughter became ill and was hospitalized, in much pain and my first thought was how fast can I catch a plane. She thought I was being silly, she could handle it. I know she can, but can I? She will be having a surgical procedure this morning and hopefully results so they remedy this situation.She has a great support system and I will just sit here to wait for the results, not so patiently.

Design Wall:
Some more parts sewn last night along with some "straightening" up of the sewing room. Garden Party by Bonnie Hunter published in Quiltmaker magazine, May/June '15

A couple of more houses assembled also.

Check out the GIVEAWAY from yesterday and leave a comment on that post to have a chance. I will draw the winner Thursday night at 8pm!

I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Stash Report Week 19 and Giveaway

Happy Mother's Day!

And now down to the numbers:
Used this Week: 57 yards
Used year to Date: 109.5 yards
Added this Week: 12 yards
Added Year to Date: 33.5 yards
Net: -76
This brings me up to date from Week 7 and still mighty impressive, patting myself on the back!!!
Went from this....
to this.....
It now looks like this, Garden Party by Bonnie Hunter
and this, there are 42 of these cut out for a Swap with a woman from Texas, Amy, that I met on a Swap last year. We are going to swap 4 each month(and make 4 for ourselves using only scraps for 5 months and we will each end up with a quilt using a pattern from Bonnie Hunter on Quiltville! Thanks Bonnie! Amy will do uphill houses and I will do downhill houses. 
and this what I cut into strips. Ready to be placed into containers.
There were about 200 2" squares cut to use in this:
I will never let that basket get that full again. I think I need to write that 100 times so I will not let it happen. It took almost 3 full days to accomplish it. Sometimes I looked at the basket and wondered if I was actually making any progress. Maybe I should switch to a smaller basket?
I also worked on my Bonnie(Garden Party) quilt from Quiltmaker magazine. I am attacking it from both corners, makes it seem more manageable. It is also all cut out. I am using it as a leader/ender project.
Finally, I get to the "Giveaway".
I am a block tester for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine. The last round produced this beauty. I made my blocks out of a coordinated colorway, also from that same basket when it was full. I chose the ones that fit together and here it is.
It is yet to be quilted but it is on the pile! These designers put so much work into the blocks you should get a look at all 100! I'll give you a chance to have your very own copy to peruse at your leisure and see what you can come up with plus a little extra for your stash, 42 5" novelty squares. 
Leave a comment and on Thursday night at 8 pm(CST) I will draw a winner. You really don't want to miss this issue. I have all 11 issues and refer to them constantly for inspiration.

Don't miss the progress that goes on at Patchwork Times with Judy's crew!

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