Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Workin' Wednesday

I seem to have had one of those weeks.....several nights where sleep eluded me and it seemed the faster I went, the further behind I got.

I pieced this top for my MIL in December, she had stashed it in her closet for at least 10 years. She had cut it out with scissors and some of it was a little off. She had sewn a few parts of it and after I went ahead with the rest, I soon figured out, her 1/4 inch and my 1/4 inch were not the same. I am not sure if she even owns a rotary cutter or acrylic ruler. It is the Quilt in a Day Irish Chain by Eleanor Burns. And of course, none of the fabrics are available today so I had to be very careful in cutting the rest. In exchange she fixed the back of my DALE of Norway sweater where the yarns had pulled distorting the pattern. She is the MOST excellent knitter!!!! I have 2 and each daughter has already claimed the one she wants.

Anywhoo, then it went to the marvelous Peggy to be quilted, working her magic on the little bit of wonkiness and then I put the binding on. MIL wanted to at least sew down the binding so she could say that she had done something on the quilt. It will be in her spare room. Pink and green are her favorite colors.



A few more "Easy Street" done, a few ripped apart because I had a few four patches turned and fixed. Pic was before the "fix". Should be soon that I can show you the finish! If you are thinking about doing this mystery, you best get it now, Bonnie will be pulling it soon to include in her next book!

A few more pillowcases. Our guild will be finishing this project up in March.

Pulled out an UFO from a Mystery Mondays by Little Bits of This and That. Borders are cut and ready to go on. She has started a new Mystery Mondays and it is not too late to get going on it!

Not as much as I would have liked to accomplish but still something. What are you working on?

As Always,


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