Thursday, February 7, 2013

Workin' Wednesday

Yes, I know it is Thursday....

No time to post yesterday, alright, I was just lazy. happy?

Not much going on. Working on a Terry Atkinson Pattern Classmate. I am in a FQ Swap and this is what I decided to make my Swapee. She wanted something to keep her embroidery stuff organized. I am sure hoping this works. It goes together beautifully although I got confused because I was using the FQ instead of yardage. It was not the fault of the pattern and once I had my fabrics cut, it was a snap. I love all her patterns and not just because she is a Minnesota designer. I loved them before I knew that but it does make them extra special.

Are these not just the brightest colors? They are even more neon in person. I would never have picked them so it is fun to work outside of my comfort zone!

And this is what I have left of 5 FQ's

Okay, there may be a few small pieces left, but I am saving those for a surprise for her. Shhhhh, don't tell!

As Always,


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