Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stash Report Week 30

Used this week: 6 yards

Used YTD: 92.50 yards

Added this week: 5 yards

Added YTD: 36 yards

Net:  -54.75 yards

Don't you just get so frustrated when computers don't work as they should and always have? Tried to upload pics, would not do it. got the other camera thinking it was the cord to the first one, nope, would not do that one either. Re-installed the hardware, nope, not that either.

Had some great pics too! Will work on it later as I am working on a project with a deadline. I quit working on that because I had to rip out a section because it was upside down so thought updating the blog would be a welcome diversion. Wishful thinking.

Check out the others having better luck at Patchwork Times.

Maybe later....


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