Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stash Report Week 11

Used this week:6 yards
Used YTD: 64.75 yards

Added this week: 0 yards
Added YTD: 17 yards

Net:  -47.75 yards

Not quilt related but still sewing this week. Why do people think that just because you have a sewing machine that you can or will do anything? This 1st pic is of the snowmobile covers that I patched. Hated to say no because they are good friends but told the hubby that he is not to take on anymore "mending" jobs. There was almost 4 hours time in these and a yard of fabric. Do you realize how much quilting time was lost? lol Not too mention switching over the machine to do these and the dust and dirt that ensued with 2 leather needles and having to buy heavy duty thread. Took me another hour to clean my machine and get it back to normal, that is piecing mode!

This is my National Quilting Day project. It is from Quick Quilts, April/May 2013. In the magazine it is called Tribecca and the cutting took much longer than the sewing! I am calling it "Wild Child". It is totally from my scraps from my first Swoon quilt. It is for a friend retiring from work. I had made a quilt for his first grandson several weeks ago and he told me the only problem with the quilt was that it did not cover his feet. This one will! It is off to the quilter tomorrow as there is too much on my plate before I need to give it to him. I left off one row after trying to arrange it so that I liked it and it is still plenty big.  

My Guild Round Robin. I added the green and yellow checkerboard. I told the owner that there would be payback for using such a large panel! She just smiled at me.

Got this months Round Robin and it is much smaller and much more my style. Fun! We get to see ours in April at the reveal! 

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