Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winner! and Clue 4

The *WINNER* of the Bonnie Hunter book "Adventures with Leaders and Enders" is Jean Belle. Please contact me with your snail mail and I will get it right out to you.

Keep checking back, there will be a new giveaway in 2 weeks!

Why are the last days before Christmas such a rush? You think you are prepared and then there are all the last minute details to attend to. In our case, packing up to travel and stay overnight this year so extra lists to get done because you can't just run to the cupboard, the sewing room or closet to grab it. Makes it so complicated. Plus, we are taking the "girls" with us. Lucy and Chloe (our Cairn Terriers) will be with us so it is like traveling with kids, lots of extras to keep them comfy and happy! They got bathed, new collars and trims so they look their best for the holidays.

I did get Clue 4 finished this past week. Thank you Bonnie for making it doable during the rush week for many of us. So without further ado, may I present.....

It took me a little bit longer to do these because of the placement of the pieces, I wanted to make sure they were assembled correctly. I had a bit of trouble last year with the 4 patches being turned in Celtic Solstice. Here's where I admit to the  world that I might have somewhat of a problem spatially. It is not a new problem, it just shows up more as I age. My DH always has to check my assembly process, I also have trouble folding a map or visualizing how an object goes together when they are presented in a test. I did each set separately so that did not happen. Wish me luck when we assemble this baby....

Here they are all together.

Someone on Quiltville's Open Studio FB page has figured out that we are 86% complete with the top. That was fun to know AND motivating. This will be a complete top in January!

I am still loving my colors and the fact that this is the scrappiest top I have ever done. I usually like more controlled coloring but I have let go and let it be what it wants to be. I put the different pieces in paper bags and just pulled from them. If it matched I would pull a second time(sometimes a third). If a third pull was made, only happened twice, I went with it. If the Quilt Police come after me when they find it in the quilt, I guess I will take my punishment of 50 lashes with a selvedge edge!

In other news, I caved. I love me some coffee although I always use a covered cup in the sewing room! This is my new purchase and no it is not the one being recalled.

I love it but.....they have now made them so that you may only use the "special" K Cups in it. So I spent several hours on You Tube learning how to over ride the "photo" button that reads the cup and now have a reusable K Cup to fill on my own! Kinda frugal that way, the money saved could be spent on fabric.

Not only did we get up to date in the coffee department but we also did some other updating....

Hubby's is on the left, The guys in the store laughed at it and one said that "his Dad had one like that when I was in Middle School". It's 10 years old and still working. He has even learned to text on it but can't even receive pics. His boss has the other guys submitting paperwork by phone but he still has to deliver hard copies every week. Mine is a bit newer but the battery is shot and the cost of a battery for it is not worth it. Now here is the issue, they are not sure if they can retrieve the info from mine but Hubby's is no problem, go figure!

I'll let you see next week what we got!

Best end this but don't forget to check GIMQ Link Up on Quilteville! There are going to be some amazing quilts come January.

I wish each and every one of you a blessed and peaceful holiday season.

As Always,


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  1. Your colour scheme for the mystery units looks lovely.