Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice Week 2

The clue came out on Friday morning, I got it all cut out Friday night....ahead of the game. Feeling pretty on top of it!

Not so fast....Saturday mornings are reserved for can't miss breakfast with a group of friends, then to the bank, hubby quick dropped me off and he went for a haircut, he was late and couldn't get in, so left the shop and did several errands, they called and asked for his cell so they could call him, they had a cancellation. I was giving them his # and looked at the shelf, there lay his phone. No I called the Post Office, he had already been there, called the hardware store and he had not been in yet. Left a message for him to go back to the shop. This can only happen in small towns, lol

I quick vacuumed as I was having a good friend come over to sew and really felt that she need not walk thru a pile of threads and dog "fluffs", non-shedding dogs you know. He shows up, did not go to the hardware store, I'm yelling as he gets out of the truck, "Quick, go to the shop, they can take you NOW!" As he was leaving, friend pulls up, he felt obligated to help her unload. Just GO!

Now, I'm tired....

We had a great day of chatting, catching up and eating.  I got the privilege of  helping her as she is a new quilter and wanted to make tablerunners for her hubby's side of the family. It is always so fun to watch a new quilter and their unabashed enthusiasm. She is hooked and I am so glad to have a new partner in crime!

I did not get much done. Sunday showed some progress and here it is.
It was probably better that I paid attention. I had to chant to myself "Neutrals together, neutrals together" to keep it straight. 50 totally complete and with a little trimming and pressing, the next 50 will be ready to go. I have a sneaky suspicion that we will be doing more of these...but I've been wrong before!

I'm linking up with Bonnie, so go check out all of the wonderful progress.

Bonus, my friend had a piece of the green(hard to find) that I am using in her mind you her stash is not that big...yes, of course I asked if I could have it. She gave it to me. There is no shame when you are doing the mystery.

As Always,



  1. Wow!! Your looking good even with such an "eventful" Saturday. Helping a new quilter to become addicted like the rest of us is truly a wonderful feeling. Good for you! LOL

  2. Thanks Beth, I thought life should slow down as we get older! No such luck.
    Yeah, she's hooked, can't wait for more sew togethers after the holidays.