Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stash Report Week 47

Used this week:3.0 yards

Used YTD: 143.75 yards

Added this week: 0 yards

Added YTD: 36 yards

Net:  -92.25 yards

Just a quick is on!

Two projects this week, first up, a Hanukkah runner for some special people in Boston. It is from Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 13 called "Nights of Light"

Second is my Bonnie Hunter's "Leaders and Enders" project. These are all from projects in 2013, cut into 2" squares. Did not want to wait until after the first of January to assemble because I will start a new scrap project.  If you have not seen her system or her books, check it out. These scraps would have all been thrown away in the past. Now, I have a free quilt! 

Consulted DH on borders and I will have to order some black, swirls or small pattern. It will have another white border, a round of 2" and then the black. Won't count this as used yet.

I also got the approval of Chloe, our newest member of the family from a rescue. Boy, she really needs another grooming...

I'm linking up to Judy's blog, Patchwork Times and really think you should check out the progress of the faithful!

I leave you with this:
May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!
~Grandpa Jones

As Always,


P.S. Don't forget Celtic Solstice starts Friday!


  1. Anxious to get Bonnie's mystery going! I'll be pulling fabrics today. Hope to get everything from my stash! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Me too! Stash is pulled and rulers are at the ready! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. The table runner is stunning and I am positively drooling over your scrap quilt. Great going --
    Don't know about keeping anything off the thighs!!! LOL
    Hugs and have a great Thanksgiving,