Monday, November 30, 2015

Design Wall Monday

You would think that I disappeared from the face of the earth but not so, just enjoyed the summer and fall with family, friends and fun! Throw in a couple of weddings and funerals, the time flew by.
I am trying to get back on track so the first order of business is to giveaway the prize from May...
Lee  Webs of Threads, contact me and I will get it right out.

Second, yes, there has been sewing and quilting going on in between obligations. Newest first:
The Bonnie Hunter Mystery is here! 
I have finished the first step. I changed up the colors a little bit. I have used black and gray for several quilts over the summer so the stash was looking a little thin. BUT I had brown and blue so here are my color choices. I'll admit my blue does lean a little gray.
Then I made a cheat sheet to keep myself organized because this season is so busy that I sew in spurts, I mark down what is done when I leave the machine.

Step 1 - Completed. I did mine with the Easy Angle Ruler. The first time I used it, several years ago, I almost gave up but have perfected it. It was worth sticking with and now would not do them any other way. Thanks Bonnie!

I am also in a Facebook group that is sewing the Farmer's Wife 1930's
Here they are so far.

Six quilts are out to the quilter so binding on those when they return!
Eight rug mugs for Christmas presents completed.
A tablerunner for an October Bridal Shower
..and I guess I will catch up with the rest next post.

So see, I have not been totally delinquent, lol!

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  1. I love the colors you chose for the Allietare quilt and the Farmers Wife blocks are adorable!

  2. Thanks, are you working on it also?

  3. Hi Deb - I see from your post today (11/30/15) that I won (btw, welcome back!) but I don't see a way to contact you), or even leave a comment on that post :)

  4. Well, looks like I did - but the link didn't look like it connected to this post, maybe it's because I spent 2 1/2 hrs in a dentist chair this morning. Anyway, I can be reached at webduckduck (at) gmail dot com Thanks.

  5. Your "cheat sheet" is brilliant!! I always end up counting and re-counting. Way to keep track of your unit production!

  6. pretty fabrics! looking great..and organized too!