Monday, January 5, 2015

Link Ups

"Baby, it's Cold Outside" is an understatement. It is now a balmy -6, started at 24 below at 6 am. 

Here is what was on my design wall for the last 2 weeks, have not had the heart to move them. My Granddaughters were working on these as I worked on Grand Illusion. Love those girls!

I finally had all day yesterday to sew,(yep, also got 4 loads of laundry done) and no cooking or cleaning due to entertaining the day before. Cleaned up after the party and called it good! 
It was a baby shower, birthday party and our belated Christmas Celebration with our Breakfast Club friends.

The happy family from Japan where he is stationed with the Army.

The birthday girl aka as Grandma, the guest of honor and his new hat.

So on Sunday, I turned on the TV and went to town but instead of a brisk pace, it ended up being only a stroll. The fast pace of the holidays finally caught up with me. I only put three rows together but in my defense all the parts are done, still had 23 blocks to assemble.

The first 3 rows:
The parts:
The borders:

Everything is ready and should not take too long. Want this quilted and bound by the end of the month! I am sending this one out as it is too big for my mid-arm Juki. I think a simple panto will be enough and letting my long-armer choose the thread.

I was going to cut the inner border and realized I did not have enough, what? I knew I was cutting(no pun intended) it close but where did all that fabric go? Oh, right....I misread a clue and had twice as many of these as I needed. They will be worked into the back along with 1 extra broken dishes block.

So now I will have to make a decision, when I get that far about the inner border. I'm thinking my choices are black, neutral or purple. We will have to have auditions later and pick the leading role.

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  1. Love your colors for GI, it is gorgeous. -44 with the windchill here this morning...yes it is cold out.

    1. Even colder today, many things cancelled...I think I will go to the sewing room!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, headed to the sewing room to finish!

  3. When we were stationed in Wyoming I remember -46! Brrrrr. Today Vegas will be about 68 :) Much better.